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"I had an injury that led me to be seen by Robyn.  She has helped me get through tremendous back pain with a planned Pilates program.  Robyn is extremely dedicated, professional, and punctual.  She offers a great personality, positive energy, and an inherent ability to connect with clients, while being careful to make sure whatever program she is using does not cause any additional issues to the area of treatment.  She is always looking to improve herself through new training techniques."

T. Stehr - Male rehabilitation client

"Robyn is an incredible trainer, she is fully engaged when instructing, and really gets to know her clients and how to get the best out of them. Her workouts are fun, challenging and never boring as she is very creative and changes things up regularly. She has vast knowledge of the body, how to work hard, all while keeping you safe to avoid injuries. I am never disappointed, in all the years I have done Pilates workouts Robyn is at the top of the class." 

P. Dhalson - Male workout enthusiast 

"Often, it’s hard to drag yourself to an exercise class, but I actually look forward to when I take a Pilates mat or reformer class with Robyn Cohen.  Sure, Robyn is witty and funny, but her instruction makes for a challenging, good-pain, work-hard experience that, when you leave, you think, “Man, that was worth getting up for in the morning!” Having taken a wide variety of Pilates classes, I especially appreciate that Robyn mixes the exercises so every class is not just a carbon copy of last week’s experience. Once she gets to know the students in the class, she tailors the workouts to up the ante and get the most effective workout in the shortest period of time. I also like that she incorporates weights and arm exercises, something that a typical Pilates teacher doesn’t often do.  In fact, I keep bugging her to offer a class JUST in weights. On top of it all, Robyn’s smart and funny personality creates a warm, fuzzy (and slightly goofy!) bond between teacher and students.  Above all, she is professional and knows her stuff. She’s my number one go-to Pilates gal!" 

B. Rees - 50+year-old client

"Robyn always pushes me to the limit without risking injury.  As an inflexible avid runner I appreciate her professionalism, motivation and enthusiasm. I feel my flexibility has increased and my core is stronger since I've been taking classes with her."

L. Marquis  - Marathon Runner 


Robyn pushes me to be my best. She motivates me and inspires me to new limits. Her knowledge is endless, her attitude is professional, and her personality is engaging.  She has corrected my posture with her keen eye and skilled hands. Robyn has a beautiful spirit that is hard to resist and makes working out a pleasure. I always look forward to seeing Robyn and learning from her.  Stay with Robyn and you will see amazing changes in your body!

R. Humphrey- Fitness connoisseur   

"I first started Pilates at the request of my physical therapist.  "In order to become a stronger runner and avoid injuries, you need to be a more well rounded athlete.  You need to work on your strength and flexibility.  I have the perfect teacher for you."  This is how I met Robyn.  I did not like to try new things, I did not like to push myself, I was not excited at the prospect of Pilates.  Robyn changed all that.  She is patient and she takes the time to teach you.  She explains how to best perform an exercise and works through your questions.  I never expected to enjoy working out.  With Robyn as a teacher and partner, that attitude changed.  I can't wait to go to class, I look forward to our private sessions.  I actually look forward to being sore after a workout! I have worked with Robyn for almost three years.  She has taught me to respect and love my body and to live a healthier lifestyle.  She has taught me how to eat cleaner and how to take better care of myself.  Since working with Robyn, I am able to run farther and faster, I have lost 20 pounds and my snowboarding skills have improved immensely.  I have gained confidence in all areas of my life because of all that she has taught me, in and out of the Pilates studio. Having Robyn as a teacher has been and continues to be one of the most positive and rewarding life experiences."  

S. Bernolak - Longstanding female client

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